Our Brands

When master craftsmen and designers from world over congregate in one location, there forms a vibrant hub of arts, culture and design. Harnessing various design houses from different countries, Fabiia showcases a truly eclectic blend of furniture, lighting and accessories from brands whose reputation for quality and craftsmanship precedes them worldwide.

From the Kingdom of Denmark we showcase Scandinavian brands such as Fritz Hansen, Normann Copenhagen, Muuto, Lightyears, Le Klint and Menu. With a collection of the most iconic pieces in both furniture and lighting, these brands are design gold. Fritz Hansen is a name known by every designer for their awe-inspiring collaborations with world-famous design gurus such as Arne Jacobsen, Cecilie Manz, and Jamie Hayon. Associated with the Republic of Fritz Hansen is Lightyears, a revolutionary lighting concept that has become the go-to for luxury projects world over.

With over 50 design awards under their helm, Normann Copenhagen is another design force to be reckoned with. They say that simplicity is the hardest feat to achieve, but Normann glides through with apparent ease! Another Scandinavian concept that looks to drive a new perspective into all of their work is ‘Muuto’, which means ‘New perspective’ in Finnish!

Our brands each have a unique quality that helps them stand out from the rest. Le Klint is a name that comes to mind for their hand-pleated, almost sculptural lampshades, some of which are renowned classics from the mid-twentieth century. One might also marvel at Menu, a design brand that’s revolutionizing every single piece it creates – from a spoon to a chair!

Hailing from the Portugese Republic lie our more opulent brands – Koket, Brabbu, Delightfull and Luxxu. Well versed in the art styles of the 20th century – Art Deco and Mid-century modern designs are prevalent through and through. Brabbu showcases furniture fit for any royal setting, while Luxxu lighting demonstrates its designs with a certain flair for the exquisite. Dripping crystals and ornate brass designs, Koket specializes in awe-inspiring pieces whilst Delightfull delights us with their eccentric creations. Inspired by dance, music and musical instruments – Delightfull’s lighting comes with soul and is a truly inspired brand.

For those who put an emphasis on environmental sustainability and biophillic design, we present the revolutionary Green Furniture Concept from the Nordic land of Sweden. Specialists in public seating and biophillic lighting design, they are truly unconventional in their approach to furniture design!

Finally, we also house Italian brands like Arper, Fast Spa and Kristalia. Iconic as they are, Fast Spa has been making the rounds in the design world for quite some time now. Following along those lines, Arper is another popular brand that is best known for their simple, yet lively designs that move one to distraction! They specialize in hospitality and office environs, alongside Kristalia, one of the leading players in the realm of furniture design in the 21st century.

To be sure, our brands don’t stop there! We do a lot of work with independent designers and craftsmen who prefer to remain tucked away in pockets world over, but have created some of the most exquisite pieces in our collection. All put together, our fine blend of specialized and well-known brands gives us the gorgeous range we bring you today!