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Office Desking

High-end office interiors tend to emphasize on ergonomic designs. Fabiia’s work desk range incorporates those ideals along with clean lines and minimalistic design. With bold, sleek lines in glass and steel our executive desks are majestic office desks best suited to spacious meeting rooms or private offices.

The perfect work desk is intended to double up as a writing desk and a computer desk – so it must be spacious enough to avoid clutter. An L shaped desk is a smart choice in a smaller room – it takes up only one corner! Unlike most other desks, the L shaped desk (also known as a corner desk) gives you more working space – it is almost two office desks combined into one! Give yourself the option to choose amongst the best corner desks for your office.

A workstation desk is another piece you might opt for. Incorporating more drawers and shelves into its design – the workstation desk is a storage unit cum office desk cum computer desk cum writing desk! In fact it is so handy, you might not even need any other furniture! The difference between an executive desk and the workstation desk lies in the executives’ simple design. This limits its functionality, unlike the workstation desk.

With more modern glass and steel desks taking centre stage, the classy elegance of the wooden desk shouldn’t be forgotten. A more sophisticated piece, dark wooden desks have always had a powerful aura. From the reception desk to the executive, wooden desks are ideal for any purpose. The reception desk is one that is crucial to the image of the office. The first impression of the office environment is afforded by the reception desk, being the first thing people see when they enter the premises. Prioritize picking the right reception desk for your firm, as it sets the tone for the rest of your interiors.