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Office Meeting

Considering conference rooms are spaces where most of the decision making happens, conference room furniture has to be perfectly in sync with the surroundings. Comfort, durability and utility apart, it has to blend well with the overall office design. Of all conference room furniture, the conference table holds the centre of attention. The modern office conference table, along with additional conference room furniture, strives to be minimalist yet classy while catering to the checkboxes of functionality and durability. A meeting table needs to be utilitarian, one that can accommodate the requisite number of persons seated around it as per need. Fabiia, in collaboration with known design houses, has a select range of conference room furniture including the ubiquitous boardroom table.

When choosing a boardroom table for modern office environs, certain factors need to be kept in mind. Office and business spaces of today are no longer boring dull affairs. They are vibrant attractive places that are warm and welcoming in appeal. So an office conference table has to gel in with the accompanying design scheme of the place. A wide variety of processed materials such as laminates, particle boards, polymers are utilised beside traditional materials like wood, brass, steel and others. The type of conference table one chooses for a particular space depends on the accompanying furniture of that place. Again, weight might be a factor while selecting a meeting table. Many office interiors are very organic in the sense that placements of furniture are changed periodically. In such scenarios, a boardroom table needs to be considerably lightweight so that it can be moved around easily. The shape and form of a conference table is also a consideration. For smaller spaces, a round meeting table is a perfect choice while rectangular or oval tables are more suited for larger office spaces.

An office conference table need not be used only for office purposes. A meeting table of contemporary design can be a perfect fit even in home surroundings. When hosting gatherings for friends, a meeting table is the place around which all the chatter and bonhomie happens! Another plus point of modern office furniture are the visually clean lines that enhance the overall look of the place. Modern design principles employ certain techniques that represent clutter free utilization of space in addition to being pleasant in appearance. Office furniture from Fabiia keeps these factors in mind while hand picking the featured items. Additionally, customised options are available on many of the items on offer.

The Elephant table by Kristalia from Fabiia offers the mother of all customisable options! A trestle frame supporting a round top, this boardroom table inspired by the mighty yet gentle form of the elephant. Talking of customised options, this conference table, made of aluminium and laminate top, also comes in square and rectangular versions. Add to that, pure white and black laminate tops are there to choose from. An absolute delight to own and perfect for varied uses, including homes.