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LED Lighting

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The lighting industry has been revolutionised with the advent of LED lighting. Fabiia takes immense pride in being a part of this innovation and our commitment towards bettering our client’s experiences shines forth through our efficient and smart collection of LED light fixtures. The range of LED ceiling lights such as LED downlights and LED panel light fittings from Fabiia are crafted with cutting edge technology and incorporate the best innovations happening in the market. In today’s scenario LED lighting is the most energy efficient light source. Applications like LED ceiling lights and other LED light fixtures such as the LED panel light or LED downlights fulfil the illuming needs and requirements across a spectrum of spaces and it is Fabiia’s constant endeavour to provide the best possible solutions in LED lighting.

LED light fixtures score over their traditional counterparts in many ways. Being energy saving and sustainable, LED lighting is immensely budget-friendly by way of cutting down electricity bills hugely. Isn’t that reason enough to bask in the glow of LED light fixtures?! LED ceiling lights are widely used in residential areas, retail, hospitality commercial buildings, warehouses, airport terminals and a whole lot of places. Fabiia boasts of a collection of LED lighting that’s both functional and versatile. Take a look at the exhaustive range of LED downlights that can fit beautifully into any space. LED downlights are wonderfully designed to meet a variety of requirements. Be it commercial interiors or hotels and restaurants, these fixtures add a touch of glamour to even the most staid surroundings. A great positive of LED ceiling lights is their directional light emission. This makes fixtures like recessed LED downlights much coveted in spaces like retail and commercial interiors, where the lights can be trained to highlight and focus upon products on display. Adjustable features of LED downlights also enhance their usability greatly.

LED light fixtures emit very little heat as compared to others. This makes LED lighting doubly economical as minimal energy is lost in heat dissipation. There are endless possibilities when it comes to retrofitting your interiors with LED ceiling lights. An LED panel light, for instance, is just the right fixture for your homes and businesses because of their excellent distribution of light. The white painted metal, among other variations, of the LED panel light ensures that interior spaces are uniformly lit up all across. It also translates to optimal usage of lumens. So, niggling shadow areas are effortlessly done away with, courtesy the LED panel light! The carefully selected LED panel light applications in Fabiia’s repertoire will leave you pleasantly confused as to which one to choose! We suggest you pick a whole lot!

With dimming and adjustable colour temperatures available to most LED lighting they are the most sought after when it comes to decorative and task accents. LED lighting from Fabiia brings with it the promise of quality performance and guarantee of exemplary service. So, your contribution to energy conservation can begin with LED light fixtures from Fabiia!