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Decorative Lighting

Create the atmosphere you desire with our range of decorative lighting. Each individual piece is a work of art – unique unto itself. From simplistic scandi-modern to designer Art Deco – our lighting comes in 14 different styles.

Pendant lights

Futura Pendant Light

Pendant lights

Oolong Pendant Lamp

Pendant lights

Oshka Pendant Light

Chandelier lighting

Saki Chandelier Light

Wall lights

Saki Wall Lamp

Wall lights

Soleil Wall Lamp

When you think of light the first thought that might come to mind is that of Edison’s light bulb. Light fixtures have come a long, long way since then. Apart from its apparent functional advantages, light now plays a huge role in our spaces. From mood lighting, to exterior lighting - lighting design is crucial to how we perceive the environment around us.

Whether you’re an interior designer or a just looking to do up your own home, it is not hard to realise that light fixtures are crucial to your space. Bringing decorative lights to the table has changed the face of lighting design forever. From pendants to chandeliers, we see that houses don’t go far with furniture and basic light fixtures – home lighting design is as important and a key feature of doing up your interiors. While buying from lighting stores or online, it’s much better to think of decorative lights as a piece of art that illuminates your interiors. It does the same job as regular light fittings but also adds mood lighting to the picture.

Apart from your indoor illumination, there also comes a need to buy lights for your outdoor seating areas and patios, or if you own a restaurant – outdoor dining areas. It makes sense to have to find the right kind of exterior lighting that isn’t too harsh, but allows for the person to make their way around in ease. How much is too much though? Thus it is always better to gage the requirements of your environment before hand, to decide how to incorporate your light fittings in an appropriate manner.

When you imagine buying home lighting, there are many things to consider. Is there a necessity for garden lighting or exterior lighting? If so, then what kinds of garden lighting are out there? Can all light fixtures be used outdoors? etc. Thus, it is always better to get in touch and speak to a lighting professional, especially when it comes to layering light. Balancing the right value of decorative lights with regular light fittings is almost an art in itself, all in an effort to achieve the perfect ambience with your mood lighting.

Our collection of lighting comes prepared for every mood, occasion or space, in every style you might want! From classic designs to minimalistic to mid-century modern, match your lighting with your furniture – you can even mix it up and go eclectic with your design! From metallic options to hand-blown glass – our range is ready and willing to accommodate to your preference. From floor lamps to pendants to sconces – just give us a call to get help with every kind of lighting requirement!