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Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

Albert Bench

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Fabiia is extremely conscious of the furniture we display in our collection – it is carefully curated to maintain only original designer pieces. Our range of chairs is no different. We bring you some of the world’s most iconic pieces, like Arne Jacobsen’s Swan lounge chair or his ergonomic chair range with classics like the Grand Prix and the Series 7.

Though we stand by classy interiors, we also prioritize comfort – and the chair is where we begin. Tired after a long day of work, sinking down into your plush armchair or recliner – doesn’t it bring a smile to your face? Give yourself the luxury of picking the best from amongst our armchairs and recliners – some minimalistic, others more grand. We also recommend at least one lounge chair in a home – the ideal accessory for a luxurious afternoon of reading. Apart from which, the lounge chair also makes for a lovely statement piece. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with the chair designs in our vast range.

Apart from the essential recliners or armchairs, every home or restaurant definitely needs a set of dining chairs. Having dinner at the table is something that brings families together. Our dining chairs (available as plastic, aluminium or wooden chairs) are the highlight of our collection – in a number of styles ranging from mid-century modern (eg: Drop dining chair) to traditional (eg: Milano dining chair).

In case you’re here looking for office furniture, we also stock office chairs. Executive chairs, swivel chairs, even simpler stackable steel and wooden chairs are also available as training furniture for your auditoriums. When it comes to the office chair multiple boring chair designs come to mind, but here we have made it a point to do things a little different. Apart from black and white, our collection also includes hints of colour with more daring chair design styles, that remain unique, yet never over the top. Our office chairs are essentially ergonomic chairs built for a tasteful, professional environment.

Feel free to browse; the rules don’t apply here. A swivel chair at your dining table? An executive chair in the kitchen? Always be prepared to think out of the box - your space, your rules!