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How do you pick out ‘the one’ sofa set that is just right for you? Like a significant other, the sofa design has to fit gently into your living space and get along well with the other pieces! If it’s a smaller area - an L shaped sofacorner sofa is one of the more modern sofa designs that save out on space, and are large enough to fit multiple people. In a tiny space, just one L shaped sofa, over multiple tinier pieces, can make the best aesthetic sense. When decorating smaller interiors there is always the worry of everything looking too cluttered – thus buying an L shaped sofa is always recommended for smaller spaces. They combine comfort and practicality – especially with the l-shaped reclining sofa option, comfort is never at stake!

If you have the luxury of larger interiors, a full-fledged sofa set can be acquired. A three-seater sofa design paired with a chaise lounge or a loveseat would be ideal! The corner sofa/L shaped sofa would work well in larger interiors as well, they would even help section up the room against one side. Again, for smaller interiors the case would be different - pairing miss-matched chairs or armchairs, rather than larger loveseats or chaise lounges, can benefit by giving your interiors a more open feel. This is because most chairs sit at a height, and have space running underneath while larger armchairs are the exact opposite. When you allow the floor to run under in continuity, the room automatically appears more spacious. Also, if you are short for space why not consider a sofa bed? Sofa beds are a staple in most modern homes all over the world as of today! Multi-purpose and multi-functional, the sofa bed can be used to accommodate over night guests and entertain company in the day.

In lounge areas or hotel lobbies one always needs opulent sofa sets to welcome guests in with a homely, luxuriant feeling. Leather sofa designs are a perfect fit since they give off the luxurious vibe most hotels are vying for. A leather sofa screams class and our collection has some beautiful models like the iconic Swan mid-century modern sofa by Arne Jacobsen. An iconic piece designed way back in 1958, the fact that it is still relevant today is a testament to its design. It follows the elegant curved silhouette of a swan’s profile, since Mr.Jacobsen was a modernist designer, yet loved to take most of his design inspiration from organic forms.

Apart from that, we even have some beautiful chaise lounges and sofas crafted out of rattan. The chaise lounge is a French style sofa that resembles a long chair – which is exactly what it means in French! It is a multi-functional piece that can be used as a reclining chair, or even as a makeshift bed. Our rattan sofa designs would make a lovely addition to your living room collection, since rattan tends to gel well with most other materials. Pair a natural rattan sofa with a bright leather loveseat, or a wood armchair and watch how well they all work together!