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What’s in a table? Functionality is obviously one aspect, but no one said you couldn’t get a bit creative with it! For those who prefer less clutter in their lives and in their spaces – our collection of contemporary, Scandinavian designs in dining room tables and coffee tables would be the right fit for you. Wood tables are, and will always be the preferred choice for scandi-modern furniture, but if you have an affinity for glass tables or sculptural designs – we believe you might love our more ornate console tables and dining table sets, such as the ribbon-esque Island coffee table or the Allure dinner table, a swirling brass base that comes with a glass table top in muted tones.

Apart from the style, the material of your furniture really brings out the tone of your room. A wood table gives off earthier tones, psychologically appealing to our baser instincts. Aluminium or glass tables are more industrial or modern, for a sleeker, classy feel. A good mix - maybe a wood dining table set with a glass console table – could really balance out the warmer and colder materials. When pairing the perfect chairs to your dining room table, it’s always nice to ensure the materials work well together. A glass table, or a marble tabletop would better suit chairs in leather, or monochromatic pieces in wood (black or white). Wood tables, obviously, work best with wood chairs. Preferably with the same wood grain, and wood type.

Sometimes, while doing up your interiors, we understand that it’s tough to know where to start. Since tables are generally centrally oriented pieces, your coffee table or even a console table can serve as the piece around which to build the rest of your furniture collection.

Though these pieces might bring the room together, the dinner table has been bringing families together for centuries. To help pick out the perfect dining table set you need to look out for a size that best suits your interior space and then move forward from there. If a rectangular one doesn’t work out, why not go for a round dining table instead? We have tons of modern dining tables to pick out from. From more basic, modernist designs such as the Snaregade dining table, to opulent styles like the Apis dinner table – you can find the perfect piece to suit the personality of any space.

Now, we know you like what you see, isn’t it about time you admitted it? The exquisite curves of the modern dining tables, the intricate details of our coffee tables, and the quiet elegance of our glass tables. Simply give us a call when in doubt, our creative team will definitely help you pick the right table for your home or project. We’ll always be right here to help you make an informed decision, so don’t hesitate and call us today!