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Chandelier lighting

When your rooms are devoid of drama, or you feel like adding a touch of flair and elegance to your interiors – a chandelier always does the trick! From the more grandiose crystal chandeliers of old to new fangled contemporary chandeliers – its safe to say that chandelier lighting is here to stay. The modern chandelier is found almost anywhere, from bedroom chandeliers in homes, to the classic chandelier designs found in hotel lobbies – the beauty of the piece immediately takes centre stage the second you turn it on.

Owning a chandelier or adding a chandelier to a space instantly adds a sense of personality to it. There is also a certain luxury and glamour that it brings, unlike regular pendant lighting designs. Depending on the kind of mood you’re looking to bring to your room, there are various kinds of chandelier styles available. The most common being those made off glass and crystal, allowing for the room to be coated in a layer of refracted light, bouncing off mirrors and walls. Apart from that we see more sober pieces in brass, copper, even wood!

The size of a chandelier is also a key factor of its design. What is the size of the room you want to illuminate? In the case of a hotel room lobby or a larger room, you might need to pick larger designs, and pair them up with other sconces or wall lights. If it’s for a more intimate setting like your own private quarters, then a smaller bedroom chandelier is the ideal size. These do not have to be layered patterns, but can even fan out in one layer without too much pomp and show. For a smaller space like a bedroom, a more understated piece is usually best.

Off late, the trend of black chandeliers has slowly overtaken the clear crystal chandeliers most prevalently thought of when one thinks of chandelier lighting. Having a black chandelier in your space does add a certain edge to your interiors, unlike most classic chandeliers out there. Contemporary chandelier design is definitely growing in leaps and bounds. We see a rise in black crystal chandeliers, even some modern chandeliers designs that simply mimic the silhouette, without using any of the intricate glass shards!

Despite more modern trends we do see some people take an interest in more classic designs from a different era. Some of the best makers of chandeliers lie in Italy, known for their breath-taking beauty, Italian chandeliers are some of the most intricate and sought after pieces world over. Though Italian chandeliers are iconic – it is safe to say that practicality lies in more modern LED chandelier designs. Bringing you the beauty of chandelier lighting, without the exorbitant costs, that LED chandeliers are environment friendly is an added plus! The modern chandelier owner is shown to favour practicality over style!