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Wall lights

Bring out the beauty of your interiors through our wide range of wall lamps! Throwing shards of illumination up and down your walls, wall sconces have been a major element of indoor and outdoor lighting for centuries. Coupled with pendants or chandeliers, wall mounted lights have a way of layering the light in ideal proportions. When it comes to giving your rooms a more spacious look, wall light fixtures are ideal since they manage to light up the walls, the floor and the ceiling at the same time. The spatial placement along the walls tends to throw shafts of light up-wards and downwards, giving the appearance of higher ceilings.

Perfect for hallways and living room lighting, wall sconces are not just used to brighten up your space, but can even be a showpiece in itself. Decorative wall mounted lights are available in numerous options to satisfy even the most complex living room lighting requirements. From brass, copper and aluminum, to glass, crystal, plastic or marble – wall light fixtures are available in any number of materials, and in various styles. Encompassing more Art deco pieces like the Liberty wall lamp or the Harem wall lamp, or even minimalistic wall light designs such as the Mutatio wall mounted light and the Lean wall light fixture, our range has been cherry picked to suit all types of interiors! A truly inspired collection, these wall lamps are perfect for all sorts of projects – residential, hospitality or commercial.

When it comes to outdoor wall lights, again you have numerous kinds to choose from. There are always concerns about a power source when it comes to outdoor wall lights, thus solar powered wall light fittings are a great way to conserve energy whilst lighting up outdoor spaces. Even battery rechargeable options are always available. Wall bracket lights tend to be easier to connect to an electrical power source since they hug the walls. Plus, wall bracket lights are convenient in that they can allow wires to pass through from behind the supportive bracket base.

It must be said that wall sconces are an integral part of any interior space, large or small. Wall light fittings bring out that added element by highlighting your walls and can even be used to illuminate large paintings or decorative wall hangings. Designing your interiors doesn’t only come via gorgeous furniture and paint shades – wall sconces must be given equal importance if you intend to pull the entire look together!